Sunday, 1 November 2015

Tips for Planning a Hunting Trip in Australia

The People of Australia are fond of hunting. It is estimated that annually more than $550,000,000 is invested by the hunters in the Australian Economy. Hunting in Australia is a skill, hobby, passion or whatever you can name it. During hunting season, you just start packing their bags to enjoy a vacation by hunting Kangaroos, fox, rabbits and other animals. But before going on a hunting trip you have to take care of these points:-

1. Sleeping bags:-
Try to carry sleeping bags with you as it is for outside purposes. It  protect you from wild winds and very easy to carry. Sleeping bags are water resistant and its groundsheet is often used to protect against moist ground.

2. Clothes:-
While planning a hunting trip in Australia, the clothes must be relevant to it. Hunting clothes must be light, breathable, resist from tear and flexible. Many shops offer hunting clothes Australia during hunting season. Similarly, the boots of hunting must be breathable and waterproof.

3. Hunting Gears:-
While going for hunting, your hunting gears should be with you. Don't pack too much weapons. Just necessary and light-weighted weapons are enough. Rifles with maximum cartridges is essential for your safety.

If you are a beginner then try to hunt with a mentor as little careless can be dangerous for you.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

An introduction to Ammunition

Ammunition or ammo is referring to all those equipments that are used in the battle or war. Ammunition includes pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, bullets and a numerous weapons that are used in combat.
Ammunition is divided into two types:-
  • Rimfire Ammunition:-

    It describes the technique of ignition of the cartridge and firearm cartridges. Once the bullet discharged, the cartridge can't be reloaded. Rimfire Ammunition or catridges are limited to low pressure. In this, the primer is separate and replaceable. Some Rimfire Ammunition are .58 Miller, .45 Danish, .25 stevens, .31 Eley, .35 Allen and a lot of more.

  • Centerfire Ammunition:-
    It is opposite of Rimfire Ammunition. In this, primer is located in the center. Today, mostly centerfire Ammunition or cartridges are popularly used. Centerfire Cartridge is safe and suitable for the military purposes. Some centerfire cartridges are .270 WSM, .45 ACP, .38 Special, .221 Fireball, .45 Colt and many more.
For the safe storage and transportation of ammunition, ammunition or ammo box is used. Metal Ammo Box is a container with a rubber gasket to protect ammunition from moisture. The ammunition can have an adverse effect on the target. The loss of blood is a very common effect of ammunition. It can damage the Central nervous system of the target that is either a person or an animal. It leads to paralysis, unconsciousness, or death. Due to ammunition, psychological effects like fear, terror, shock and a continue pain are caused that leads to disorientation.
Ammunition makes a country stronger to fight against their rivals but have many economical, psychological and physical effects on the citizens of the both countries.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Easy Guide to the Buy Military Goods

Are you searching to buy military clothing uniforms, footwear or equipment? Here you will get the information needed when you buy any military accessories.
Find the right store
The goods which are discarded from military personnel are known as Military Surplus. Such goods are not easily available, as there are specific licensed stores, which can sell them. You need to search for the military surplus stores near your area or can search military tactical gear online.

Check for the Quality of product
These goods are supplied directly from the military personnel, so no chance of getting low-quality product. But you should check for quality especially when you purchase military clothing.

List down the items
There may be many items like military tactical gear, military knives, clothing and many more. You should make a list before you go for buying. Listing will help you get desired items without wasting much time.

Why would you need them?
Decide the purpose of the item before you buy it. As these are supplied from military department, so it should not be used for a wrong purpose. Mostly people buy military surplus for playing and dramatic shows.

Uses of these goods
Military goods are long lasting than other products, so it can be used for fishing at your weekend or playing with paintballs with your friends. Always try to keep these goods away from the children as these can be dangerous to them.

You can get military surplus for a wide range of uses like fishing, paintball, hiking and camping even online. Various online stores offer military goods. People love to camp with such military goods which make them feel like a real soldier or army person. As you are informed about the tips to follow while you buy military surplus, you can go for buying your favourite military item.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Looking For a Reliable and Strong Ammo Box to Store Ammo!

If you are a hunter or a gun enthusiast, you know how important it is to store your weapons in a safe location. They must be placed in a storage unit that has locks to keep intruders from breaking in and stealing your weapons. They must also be locked up to protect small children that go snooping around trying to find and play with daddy’s toys.
Just like your guns need a safe place to store your ammo; it also needs to be placed in a safe storage unit. You have to make sure that the ammo is stored in a cool, place with very little humidity. Heat has a tendency to wear down the ammo's effectiveness. They also don't do well in wet environments. Soggy ammo means no ammo essentially.
Metal ammo boxes are one of the best ways to keep your ammo safe. They come in a variety of sizes for your smaller .22 rounds all the way up to your larger artillery rounds. These ammo containers could be made from plastic, wood, and metal material and are designed to be able to deal with any harsh environment.
A metal ammo box will be your best choice for ammo container. Metal has many advantages over ammo boxes made out of another materiel. Metal ammo boxes are more durable and some will typically be water resistant, and also, they will be sealed. Because metal has a greater chance of trapping in heat, they are normally vented to help keep the temperature down.
You can get new or used ammo boxes at Peter's Military and Camping Store with a large selection of ammo cans and boxes. Besides these, you can also find an extensive range of army surplus, army disposals and camping gear at unmatched prices. Their products are fully tested for quality and can even handle the most demanding Australian environments.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Where Can You Buy Quality Durable Camping Gear and Equipment

When planning for your next camping trip, you want to purchase outdoor equipment that are durable. Often the first place people think of is a conventional camping equipment store. While these stores may offer quality equipment or clothing, the price you have to pay is just too high to meet. It may not be within you reach to buy all the clothing and equipment you need to survive in wild. However, with the surplus military gear sold in selected military shops, the campers and hikers or hunters are able to get almost the same quality or even better quality items at low prices.

The reason why these military equipment and clothing are sold at cheaper prices is because they are surplus or not in use anymore. At some point, and often, military personnel are equipped with new uniforms, equipments, and accessories meaning the old used ones are no longer in use. These are acquired by the military shops and sold to those willing to buy.

Instead of the products being disposed or discarded, they can still be put into use by people who take outdoor activities. People going for camping, hiking, fishing, mountaineering, or hunting in wild can use these items. The clothing and equipment are best suited for rigorous outdoor activities because they don’t wear out easily and can withstand the rough environment and terrains.

In addition, these items are of the best quality because they were specifically designed for the military. Whether you are preparing to buy your camping gear for the first time or you want to replace and upgrade the old equipment and clothing, you can rely on the military shops for your items. Here you will get the most durable camping equipment that will last for years. It can cost you a lot of money if you are going to purchase camping gear from the traditional stores.

However, if you want to get clothing and equipment that are priced realistically and within an affordable price range, you may consider those that are stocked by the military surplus shops. There is no doubt that when you go for army surplus stores, you will have many kinds of items at discounted prices. It is not only the essentials but also all the items you may need for a camping adventure activity.

Many people are now discovering that they can save money, get quality equipment and clothing, and have the right survival items when they opt to purchase from the military gear shops. You will find everything you need from ammo boxes where you can store your hunting weaponry to accessories such as lanterns, led sensors, beach tents, mats, furniture, belts, to backpacks.

There is nothing as good as knowing that the kind of equipment or accessory you have will take you through the entire camping trip without getting damaged or failing. An online military gear store may just be the solution when you need camping gear for every other Australian challenging environment. Consider seeking a leading supplier of wholesale and retail army surplus or army disposals, and you will be surprised that you get the best deals ever.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Three Main Benefits of Camo Clothing

Camo clothing, often known as camouflage, needs no introduction. These types of clothings are known to those individuals, who usually spend a great amount of time with nature, indulging hunting, shooting or other similar activities.

Besides regular fashion, the camo attire was not less than a dream come-reality for shooters and hunters. What camo apparel includes are shirts, jeans, coats, shirts, caps, and more which can be worn by grown-ups and children, men and women. Since, these are available in almost every apparel market, you can get these with an ease. For example: you can look for camo clothing in Australia, as Australia has many camo clothing suppliers.

Benefits of Camo Clothing

  • The first and obvious one is that it resembles the natural environment which allows you hide while hunting or shooting. It is all as it can have various colors such as blue, brown, or green.

  • Next is, it can withstand wear and tear as it is durable in nature. Since it is made from strong fabric, you can wear this in harsh condition as well.

  • Last is, camo clothing usually comes with many pockets which means you can carry many things with you, while exploring a forest.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Choose The Best Stop-Shop To Buy Military Gear

Most of the people think that the military gear is meant for army people only. However this is not true as civilians can also bring it in use in several cases. People, especially the campers, hikers, bikers, mountaineers and nature lovers can use the military gear to the extent depending upon their needs. Since it is about a military gear which includes army surplus or army disposables, thereby people can use it for their safety and security purpose.

You may not believe, but a military gear can be chosen by the people for fashion purpose either. Some military surplus are binoculars, bags, boots, sunglasses, clothing, and much more. Moreover, depending upon the quality and the brand, military supplies can be budget-friendly with assured quality. Since the market is flooded with an array of military products, you should choose the one that makes your purchase worth.

If you are planning to buy a military gear, you will be glad to know that you can find it over the internet as well. Yes! There are many online stores that offer high quality military supplies at affordable pricing. Even you can look for military gear for sale as well as bulk orders can be entertained by the online stores. So, find the best stop-shop and choose the best military supplies.